_0120  LC Set
_0120 BR Set
_0732 500 Queen Group
_2217 New Salem Silver suite
_2403 Brookstone Collection
_2403 Chateau Sleigh Collection (2)
_2403 Willowy Dutch Sleigh Collection (2)
0027_CC_410_Drawer Unit
0027_CR_102_Full Bed
0027_CR_102_Youth Bed
0027_CR_107_Full Bed
0027_CR_107_Youth Bed
0027_CR_109 Crib
0027_CR_109 Full Bed
0027_CR_109_ Full Bed RP
0027_CR_109_Crib RP
0027_CR_109_Youth Bed
0027_CR_109c_Youth Bed RP
0027_CR_111_Full Bed
0027_CR_111_Youth Bed
0027_CR_112_Full Bed RP
0027_CR_112_Youth Bed RP
0120 Brooklyn Set
_0120  LC Set
_0120 BR Set
_0732 500 Queen Group
_2217 New Salem Silver suite
_2403 Brookstone Collection
_2403 Chateau Sleigh Collection (2)
_2403 Willowy Dutch Sleigh Collection (2)
0120 Brooklyn Set
0120 CC Set
0120 Chesapeaka Set
0120 Colonial Suite
0120 Elements Set
0120 Eur Set
0120 LC Collection
0120 Manor Meyhaus Collection
0120 Post Mission Set
0120 Structures Set
0120 Timber Ridge Collection
0220 Crecent Collection
0220 Easton Collection
0513 216A 1 Lindholt Arch Bed
0513 216S 2 Lindholt Straight Bed
0513 Cornwell Set
0513 Horizon Shaker Set
0513 Lindholt Set 3
0513 Woodbury Set
0709-Classical Set
0709-Cologne Set
0709-Lucerne Set Shot
0732 600 Queen Group
0732 700 Wraparound Collection
0732 1000 Mission Deluxe Bedroom
0732 1100 Johnson Set Cherry
0732 1200 Harvest Bedroom
0732 QSWO 800 Holmco Collecton 3
1815 Dutch Quality Suite
1815 Georgian Suite
1815 Kira Suite
1815 Mission Suite
1815 Montana Mission Suite
2217 New Salem Gold Suite (2)
2217 New Salem Gold Suite
2217 New Salem Silver suite (2)
2217 Salem Bedroom (2)
2217 Salem Bedroom
2401 650-660-Prairie-Mission-Desks-light
2403 Ashville Bedroom Set
2403 Brookstone Collection (2)
2403 Chateau Sleigh Collection
2403 Heirloom Sleigh Collection (2)
2403 Heirloom Sleigh Collection
2403 Mission Collection (2)
2403 Mission Collection New
2403 Mission Collection
2403 Shaker Collection (2)
2403 Shaker Collection
2403 Traditional Sleigh Collection (2)
2403 Traditional Sleigh Collection
2403 Willowy Dutch Sleigh Collection
0120Brooklyn Bed Panel
0120Brooklyn Bed Plain
0120-Euro Bed
0120-LC Bed 4 post
0120-LC Bed
0120-LC Headboard
0120-LC Rail Footboard
0120-Low Footboard
0120-Manor Meyhaus Low FB
0120-MM Bed
0120-Post Mission Bed
0120-Post Mission Low FB2
0120-Structures Bed
0120-Timber Ridge Arched Headboard
0120-Timber Ridge Bed
0120-Timber Ridge Low FB
0220 101_ClassicBed
0220 102_ClassicDeluxeBed
0220 201 Trad Cannonball Deluxe Bed
0220 202 Arch Panel Bed
0220 203 Arch Poster Bed
0220 301 Country Mission Deluxe Bed
0220 303 Country Mission Solid Sleigh Bed
0220 401 Shaker Pencil Post Bed
0220 402 Bookcase Bed
0220 403 Shaker Panel Bed
0220 0500 Meridan Bed
0220 601 Brooklyn Deluxe Bed
0220 701 Crescent Sleigh Bed
0220 702 Crescent Panel Bed
0220 901 Dutchess Bed
0220 901 Jenny Lind Design Bed
0220 902 Deluxe Solid Panel  Sleigh
0220 902 Dutchess Spindle Bed
0220 903 Dbl BowBed
0220 904 Spidle Sleigh Bed
0220 905 Mission Sleigh Bed
0220 906 Double Bow Bunk Beds
0220 907 MissionBed
0220 908 PencilPostBed
0220 909 PanelBed
0220 910 Cannonball Bed
0220 911 Rice Bed
0220 920 Wrought Iron Bow Bed
0220 921 Wrought Iron Mission
0220 922 Wrought Iron Sleigh Bed
0220 923 Wrought Iron Pencil Post
0220 930 Double Bow Da Bed
0220 931 Mission Day Bed
0220 1801 Empire Panel Bed
0220 1801 Empire Panel Low Footboard
0220 1802 Empire Spindle Bed
0220 2005 Beaded Country Bed
0220 2005 Shaker Country Bed
0220 Bed w drawers
0220 DrawerDetail
0220 Meridian Panel Bed
0220 Meridian Slat Bed
0220 Pediment Headboard
0220 Rice Bed Deluxe Headboard
0220 Shaker Drawer Unit Bed
0220 Trad Cherry Bed
0513 216A 1 Lindholt Arch Bed
0513 216S 2 Lindholt Straight Bed
0513_20 Sleigh Bed
0513-22 Bookcase Bed
0513-23 Ladder Bed
0513-24 New Mission Bed
0305_Banberry  778_BCDR Drawer Chest
0305_Banbury  Blanket Chest w Cedar Bottom
0305_Banbury  Drawer Chest
0305_Banbury  Gentlemans Chest
0305_Banbury  Mule Chest Base
0305_Banbury  Straight Mirror
0305_Banbury _ 2 Drawer NS w JEWEL Drawer
0305_Banbury Armoire
0305_Banbury Door Chest
0305_Banbury Double Armoire Mule Chest
0305_Banbury ETC
0305_Banbury Liingerie Chest
0305_Banbury open  ETC
0305_Banbury Panel Bed
0305_Banbury Sleight Bed
0305_Banbury Tray Armoire
0305_Banbury Tri view Mirrior
0305_Banbury Triple Dresser
0305_Banbury_ 2 Door Night Stand
0305_Bunker Hill  Curly Maple Mule Chest
0305_Bunker Hill 6 Drawer Chest
0305_Bunker Hill 7 Drawer Chest
0305_Bunker Hill 60in Dresser
0305_Bunker Hill Armoire 76in high
0305_Bunker Hill Armoire Mule Chest
0305_Bunker Hill Armoire
0305_Bunker Hill Bev Mirror
0305_Bunker Hill Breeze Bed
0305_Bunker Hill Cedar Chest
0305_Bunker Hill Door Chest
0305_Bunker Hill Gentlemans Chest
0305_Bunker Hill Lingerie  Chest
0305_Bunker Hill Night Stand  1drw_2 door
0305_Bunker Hill Panel Bed
0305_Bunker Hill Slat Bed
0305_Bunker Hill Triple Dresser
0305_Elliot Ridge 6 Drawer Chest
0305_Elliot Ridge 7 Drawer_Chest
0305_Elliot Ridge 60in Dresser
0305_Elliot Ridge Bev Mirror
0305_Elliot Ridge Door Chest
0305_Elliot Ridge Dowel Bed
0305_Elliot Ridge ETC open
0305_Elliot Ridge Gentlemans Chest
0305_Elliot Ridge Lingerie Chest
0305_Elliot Ridge Mule Base
0305_Elliot Ridge Mule Chest
0305_Elliot Ridge NS
0305_Elliot Ridge Panel Bed
0305_Elliot Ridge Tri Mirror
0305_Elliot Ridge Triple Dresser
0305_Grand River 2 Door NS
0305_Grand River 3 DWR NS
0305_Grand River 6 Drawer Chest
0305_Grand River Blanket Chest
0305_Grand River Door Chest
0305_Grand River Double Dresser
0305_Grand River Double Mule Chest
0305_Grand River Lingerie
0305_Grand River Mule Base
0305_Grand River ouble Dresser q Straight Mirror
0305_Grand River Plarform Bed
0305_Grand River Slat Bed
0305_Grand River Tray Armoire
0305_Grand River Triple Dresser w Flat Screen Mirror   for flat screen tv
0305_Grand River Triple Dresser w Flat Screen Mirror
0305_Grand River Triple Dresser
0305_Millcreek  Miss Tray Armoire
0305_Millcreek Miss 6 DR Chest
0305_Millcreek Miss 60in Dresser
0305_Millcreek Miss Bed
0305_Millcreek Miss Door Chest
0305_Millcreek Miss ETC open
0305_Millcreek Miss ETC
0305_Millcreek Miss Gentlemans Chest
0305_Millcreek Miss Lingerie Chest
0305_Millcreek Miss Mule Chest
0305_Millcreek Miss NS
0305_Millcreek Mission Mirror
0305_New Bedford  Slat Bed
0305_New Bedford 60in dresser
0305_New Bedford Armoire Mule Chest
0305_New Bedford Armoire
0305_New Bedford Bed
0305_New Bedford Bev  Mirror
0305_New Bedford Blanket Chest
0305_New Bedford Centlemans  Chest
0305_New Bedford ETC open
0305_New Bedford ETC
0305_New Bedford Gentlemans Chest
0305_New Bedford Lingerie Chest w Walnut Accents
0305_New Bedford Lingerie Chest
0305_New Bedford Mule Chest Base
0305_New Bedford Tray Armoire
0305_New Bedford Tri Mirror
0305_New Bedford Triple Dresser
0305_Newbedford Night Stand
0305_Sheffield  819_SMCB  Mule Base
0305_Sheffield  Dresser
0305_Sheffield  Gentlemans Chest
0305_Sheffield  Lingerie
0305_Sheffield  Seven Drawer Chest
0305_Sheffield  Tray Armoire
0305_Sheffield 3 drawer NS
0305_Sheffield 6_Drawer Chest
0305_Sheffield 809_SDCH Door Chest
0305_Sheffield 812_SDNS_3_dwr NS
0305_Sheffield 813_SSTM  Mirror
0305_Sheffield 816_SPPB_ Pencil Post Bed_w Canopy
0305_Sheffield Double Dresser
0305_Sheffield Double Mule Chest
0305_Sheffield_ STRM Tri Mirror
0305_Sheffild 805_STDA  3 DWR Armoire
0305_VanCoover Blanket Chest
0305_VanCoover Door Chest_979_VCCH
0305_VanCoover Double Dresser  97!_VDDR
0305_VanCoover Gentlemans Chest_976_VCMC
0305_VanCoover Lingerie Chest
0305_VanCoover Long Door Armoire 975VCDA
0305_VanCoover Six Drawer Chest 978_SCDR
0305_VanCoover Straight Mirror  984_VCSM
0305_VanCoover Tray Armoire_974_VCRA
0305_VanCoover Triple Dresser
0305_VanCoover_ 3_ Drawer NS_983 VCNS
0305_VanCoover_7_drawer Chest
0305_VanCoover_972_VCAMC_Double Mule Chest
0305_Vancoover_988_VCPB Panel Bed
0305_Vancoover_Night Stand 982_VCDN
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     Once you’ve seen Benchley’s Huge Bedroom Showroom, you’ll be amazed at the beautiful options, and pieces available for your own bedroom.  With bedroom furniture/beds in Shaker, Wrap-around, Traditional, Cannonball, and Sleigh Beds.  Matching chests, dressers, armoires, and nightstands are also featured throughout this huge space, and can also be special ordered just for you.  In addition, you’ll find quality bedding products made here in Michigan.
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